Thank You. And…

March 8th, 2016

Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your early support of my campaign to be the next Texas Railroad (Energy) Commissioner. Your support means a lot to me and I truly appreciate it. I am very proud of all of our efforts, but realize it was just not enough to overcome the name ID Mr. Yarbrough has established in his perennial placement on Primary ballots.

We received every endorsement imaginable: all newspapers that endorsed, all Democratic Clubs that endorsed, every environmental organization that endorsed, and so many elected and former elected officials that we may not be able to ever name them all.

However, as I said many times in the last weeks of the campaign, endorsements do not vote, the people do, and we simply could not get our message out to Texas voters in time to get into the runoff. Yes, I was surprised, but in retrospect, without enough money to sell your box of soap, name ID wins again and again.

Next time…. Well whether or not there is a next time does not matter. What does matter is that we learn the lessons provided from the last three Primaries. It is expensive to bring our message directly to the electorate. This year presented an even stronger challenge, as more than one million Texans voted in this race – and almost one and a half million came to the polls to voice their presidential preference. We were right on the issues and the message; we could simply not raise enough money in ten weeks to buy a big enough megaphone to be heard over the noise of the presidential primary.

In addition to writing to thank you again, I am writing to ask you to stay involved and join me in my efforts to fundamentally reshape how the Texas Railroad Commission works. I am starting an email newsletter, “The Texas Energy Commission Report” and am putting you on the email list to give updates. Please don’t click the unsubscribe button yet. We won’t send very many of these, but will occasionally send you updates on things we think you should know.

Thank you,

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Lon Burnam

P.S. Here are two post election articles of interest from the Texas Tribune and the Texas Observer.